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Learning for life

I am an experienced educational professional who helps students engage in learning in a positive way. Whether you need a preschool readiness program, a primary school tutor or help proofreading a dissertation. AEA supports students as they develop the skills and understanding needed to effectively meet the educational challenges of 21st century learning.

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Experienced Educational Professional

My name is Monique Mandarakas and I hope that I can assist you on your learning journey, whatever stage of life you are at. I am an experienced, native English speaking, Australian educator living in The Netherlands. I have international experience and am degree qualified to teach from preschool to university level.


As a young learner I felt that I had failed when at school. What I learnt as an educator was that the system had failed me. I am passionate about providing learning that is fun, engaging and tailored to your needs. I aim to help you crack the code to develop a lifelong love of learning no matter where you are in your learning journey.

Villapark Eindhoven

+31 614534462

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